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Google The past few weeks the entire internet has been going bonkers over the Google phone, yet another in a long line of Android phones that has everyone's knickers in twists. Up until now we had to go by small photos and Twitter messages from Google employees, but now we have full specifications, a hands-on, and video.
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RE: Good
by werpu on Thu 24th Dec 2009 13:43 UTC in reply to "Good"
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Good, as an iPhone 3GS owner, I've been desperately looking for an alternative so I can get away from AT&T.

However, every other phone I've spent some time using has been:
* much slower
* had a horrible UI (by comparison)
* web browser wasn't as good

The Droid in particular left me underwhelmed as it was:
* tied to Verizon
* was substantially, noticeably less responsive than my 3GS

If Google can put out an unlocked phone that I can use with any carrier, and that is speedy and polished as the iPhone 3GS, I'll buy one. Otherwise, I'll stick with the 3GS for now since (other than AT&T) I have no real complaints about it.

The much-vaunted multi-tasking of the Droid is worthless to me as the only multi-tasking I need is the ability to open apps and browse while on a phone call, which I can do right now.

Actually the iphone does a few tricks to achieve the perceived speed, they hide a lot of transitions in animations, I today turned on the transitional animations on my HTC Hero and the phone feels entirely like a new phone although the speed is the same, but what happened, whenever I start a program turn the screen etc, the phone simply does animation instead of fading. The iPhone does that by default. Secondly, Apple does not do multitasking on userlevel, so you dont have background programs which can drag your performance down.
Third and that is a big third, apples 3d processing engine/graphics coprocessor in the iPhone simply is faster than what you can find in most Android telefones, that helps tremendously if you for instance zoom a webpage, apple does the zooming simply by doing a texture zoom while doing the actual zoom in the background.

Apple on the iphone are masters of hiding the slow stuff behind fancy animations and limiting of what you can do for the sake of giving the foreground process maximum processor time.
With it also comes the limitations everyone hates on the iPhone!

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