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Google The past few weeks the entire internet has been going bonkers over the Google phone, yet another in a long line of Android phones that has everyone's knickers in twists. Up until now we had to go by small photos and Twitter messages from Google employees, but now we have full specifications, a hands-on, and video.
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RE[3]: Locked, unlocked
by dindin on Thu 24th Dec 2009 15:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Locked, unlocked"
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Have you looked for an unlocked phone. A simple search would reveal that any phone can be purchased as an unlocked phone. Have you tried Amazon or BestBuy? (

Pretty much every phone sold by carriers can be bought unlocked - almost all.

Even if the phone carrier sells a locked phone, they will unlock iy for you after your contract is up. I have had that done to many of my phones since i travel to Asia quite often and buy a SIM there. I have never had any problems. The only exception has been the iPhone and that is not because of the carrier.

I read that even the iPhone can also be bought unlocked for about $899. In the US, most consumers are used to getting a subsidised phone and will not pay full price for a device. The carriers would love to get away from the subsidy model since it reduces their inventory managment and reduces loss from having to dump unpopular phones for a loss.

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