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OSNews, Generic OSes At the end of the year, mainly to shamelessly fill slow news around the holidays, OSNews usually asks the readers to share with all the other readers something about their computer setup. Since OSNews can be quite diverse when it comes to computing environments, these threads can often be quite interesting. This year, please chime in with the setup you use to read OSNews - computer, OS, software and maybe even provide screenshots or photos of your proud workspace. Has it changed a lot this year? Maybe switched browser, maybe switched OS even? Let everybody know!
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Net: 1GHz CPU, 500MB RAM, 20GB HD
by dulac on Fri 25th Dec 2009 22:44 UTC in reply to "My Setup"
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Main Computer:
AMD Athlon (unicore 32bits) 2800MHz
NVIDIA GeForce 5200 256MB AGP graphics
120GB IDE 7200 RPM
Multi-boot (FreeDOS, XP sp2 and Ubuntu)
#! Used Zenwalk from version 3 to 5...
#! Moved to Xubuntu due to problems with Zenwalk-5.
#! Rarelly used XP, and never after it died.
#! Not using it since got the following:

Internet Box:
Compaq Deskpro EN
(10 years old; handed down to me last year)- Intel 815 chipset;
CPU: Intel Pentium 3 Coppermine 1.0 GHz
RAM: 512MB SDRAM (had a 256MB SIMM, now 2 of 256MB)
AGP: original (???)
IDE: original 20GB 5400 RPM ( sys=7GB, HOME=12GB )
#! DEBIAN-XFCE would be a better choice for the net.
#! DEBRIS will probably be next to get more free RAM.
Notes: I'm still using the Mint Ubuntu with gnome and a lot of cuts on unused start-on-log tools (stable baseline is 150MB with the remaing for applications). Naturally it has WINE installed.

Test boxes:
HP Brio (handed down to me with W98 - to give away)
CPU: Intel Pentium 3 400MHz
RAM variations:
#! 128 MB : Slackware SALIX (LXDE over XFCE)
#! 192 MB : Ubuntu DEBRIS (Gnome using OpenBox),
#! 256 MB : DEBIAN Debian XFCE distro
Notes: The advantages are these do not have OpenOffice but Abiword and Gnumeric (perfect here) but are multimedia ready if VLC is added (very efficient).

ACER ONE 110 with NetBook Ubuntu Edition
RAM: 512
HD : 8GB
SD : 4GB
Notes: Bugged hardware.Bad place for mousepad buttons.
Unstable battery. Do not know what to do with it. Love the new Toshiba but do not want to pay for Window$ again. Why to choose troubles? And pay to get them?

FreeBSD is becoming a good choice too! Finally!
Got it from
Just missing a live option like Ubuntu. Yet!

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