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OSNews, Generic OSes You really know the tumbleweeds are rolling across the dusty plains of the internet when you have not one, but two technically pointless stories about "Show us your [PLACEHOLDER]!" Yes, I figured that while we're at it, we might as well take a look at not just our operating system's desktops, but also our real desktops.
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Love YOUR workspace but...
by dulac on Sat 26th Dec 2009 00:33 UTC
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But the keyboard area seems a bit ... displaced!

Notice that the essential mouse is far too right from the keyboard area. In the middle there is a superfluous area of editing keys and numeric keyboard that are seldom used (now that the mouse is a prevailing tool).

The rationale should be you that you have the right arm bigger that your left. Maybe... Or else you do have a very friendly quiropractic and LOVE to have her services.
Anyway, ONE DAY your back pains for streching the arm (and now using the once inexisting mouse) will prevail over the friendly quiropractic.

Or maybe keyboards are incorrectly made to make us suffer...
Nah! I do rather fancy the above hypothesis.

Merry Christmas (instead of Chop-mas)
And an happy new year that started with the Solstice.
1600 years ago it was at December, 25. Any clue? ;)

Be well.

P.S. - Technology is a way to make errors with increasing precision. Is it not? Hum... I guess.

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