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OSNews, Generic OSes You really know the tumbleweeds are rolling across the dusty plains of the internet when you have not one, but two technically pointless stories about "Show us your [PLACEHOLDER]!" Yes, I figured that while we're at it, we might as well take a look at not just our operating system's desktops, but also our real desktops.
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Some people will think I'm insane...
by earksiinni on Sat 26th Dec 2009 03:02 UTC
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My main rig is a Nokia N800 running OS2008 Diablo with a Stowaway ThinkOutside portable Bluetooth keyboard. I use AbiWord for most of my word processing tasks, and when I need something more heavy duty I fire up OpenOffice through the "easydeb" package, which runs a Debian chroot image off of my SD card. I also have a kernel with screen rotation and full 48 MHz SD bus speed enabled. For web browsing, I use the built-in browser and switch between MicroB (Nokia's adaptation of Gecko) and Webkit, though I'm thinking about using the browser-switcher tool to migrate to Tear.

I'm out of town for the holidays, so I couldn't take a photo of my usual desk stacked high with books and cables. Here's a photo of where I've been typing from for the past week, the kitchen table of my girlfriend's parents' house (note that I was taking the photo with my N800, which is why it's not pictured):

A lot of people ask why on Earth I'd ever use an underpowered 4.1" discontinued consumer device as a main computer. My reasons in their order of importance:

1) Small screen size keeps the computer as a tool and not a world to get sucked into (NB: I am young and my eyesight is good)
2) A computer has never felt so good to me. Excellent hardware/software integration and UI design.
3) Portability. Fits with my keyboard into an external 2.5" HDD case.
4) Insane battery life. 6 hours in use, days on standby.

For development, I use a Gateway LT3104 netbook with Slackware64 13.0 and GNUStep. OpenOffice, Firefox, etc., with some custom init and HAL scripts. Most of my time goes into hacking the N800 or working on AbiWord =). I've been programming since I was 8, but I consider myself first and foremost as a writer and an aspiring scholar; thus, I'm proud to be a "regular user" who made the jump to becoming a developer and an open source contributer.

Finally, when I want to have fun I fire up my Toshiba 420CDT running MS-DOS 7 and also a custom floppy Linux distro that I've been making/fiddling with for the past five years. Nothing better than a good game of Machiavelli the Prince/Railroad Tycoon/fitting Linux kernel 2.6.31 + userspace into 1.44 MB. Oh, I also use it as my photo processing station, as I still use my Sony Mavica to take pictures.

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