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OSNews, Generic OSes At the end of the year, mainly to shamelessly fill slow news around the holidays, OSNews usually asks the readers to share with all the other readers something about their computer setup. Since OSNews can be quite diverse when it comes to computing environments, these threads can often be quite interesting. This year, please chime in with the setup you use to read OSNews - computer, OS, software and maybe even provide screenshots or photos of your proud workspace. Has it changed a lot this year? Maybe switched browser, maybe switched OS even? Let everybody know!
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haha I forgot my work machine.
by nickelbackro on Sat 26th Dec 2009 05:51 UTC
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My machine at work is an old IBM Pentium 3 at 450Mhz. It dual boot's Windows 2000 and Debian 5. It was in the trash and i needed a testing machine for instrumentation interfaces (I'm an electrical technician).

The mobo was going bad but that was due to 3 bad caps (DAMN capacitor plague)at the +5 rail on the mobo. Got a few caps out of inventory and installed them. Me and another tech then reverse installed the offending caps on a PSU during break and watched a nice smoke show. Management was happy i fixed it as they weren't about to buy me a machine in this economy and so they let me keep the old IBM.

After i got rid of my old AMD k6-2 mobo in my old secondary machine at home (replaced with a p4 IBM netvista mobo), my work machine *somehow* gained 256MB of ram ;)

As you may be able to tell my workplace is small and has no IT department (I'm pretty much it and my boss doesn't ever understand my explanations. All he knows is that if he leaves me alone the computers somehow run faster.)

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