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OSNews, Generic OSes At the end of the year, mainly to shamelessly fill slow news around the holidays, OSNews usually asks the readers to share with all the other readers something about their computer setup. Since OSNews can be quite diverse when it comes to computing environments, these threads can often be quite interesting. This year, please chime in with the setup you use to read OSNews - computer, OS, software and maybe even provide screenshots or photos of your proud workspace. Has it changed a lot this year? Maybe switched browser, maybe switched OS even? Let everybody know!
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by greygandalf on Sat 26th Dec 2009 09:30 UTC
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My Main "OpenSource" machine is:

IBM NetVista PIV 1.8Ghz, 1GB RAM
(black, with black keyboard, mouse and 18" ThinkVision)

FreeBSD 7.2
WindowMaker, GNUstep, GWorkspace, all GNUstep Application Projects apps needed for a Desktop

as a browser I have the faithful SeaMonkey, although I also have Opera.

Matched to that is a ThinkPad T23 running Gentoo Linux and the same applications and setup mentioned above.

These are the main development machines for FOSS stuff. Then I have my Macs for all the Cocoa ports.

Last but lot least, the latest acquisition of this year: A Toshiba NB100 netbook.
Dual boots to Windows XP and Debian, but - I hate to admit this - Windows works just sooo much better on this mobile setup.

On Windows: Opera as a browser! And of course, the windows port of GNUstep (*).

(*): Maybe latest at this point it is clear that I am a GNUstep developer....

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