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Windows "In this column, I'd like to try to answer some of the questions that we've seen asked repeatedly in the new Microsoft Windows 64-bit Newsgroup. The newsgroup became available during the launch of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, and has been quite active since the launch."
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I run x64
by zlynx on Tue 4th Oct 2005 22:24 UTC
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I got an OEM copy of it when I built a new 3800 X2 system. I decided to run x64 because I enjoy the fun of being an early adopter, and because there's that theoretical 15% performance improvement from AMD's 64-bit mode.

It has had a few problems. The nvidia chipset drivers aren't quite right. It pesters me about the RAID controller on every boot. 3dmark05 crashes after finishing. Doom3 wouldn't complete its installation. .NET applications do not run reliably. You'd think that it'd be cross platform, but not so. Nearly every .NET application seems to think it can link into 32-bit DLLs. SharpDevelop won't run and neither will Eclipse with a 64-bit JVM.

However, other than that it works great. So far I've run UT2004, Dungeon Siege 2, Doom 3 (I copied from another system to get around the installer), and Half-Life 2 (and mods).

I've also managed to get IronPython working with .NET 2.0, so I can say I use it for more than just video games. ;)

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