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KDE Since the stream of news is still pretty much dry, I figured I'd throw in something I've been meaning to talk about for a while now, but really didn't dare to: KDE4's performance. Since experiences with KDE4 seem to widely differ between people, it might be a good idea if we, together, can find a common cause among those of us having problems.
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Distro makes the difference
by spudley99 on Sun 27th Dec 2009 17:58 UTC
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My experience with KDE4 is that the distro you try it with will make a big difference to your opinion.

I was a fan of Kubuntu in the days of KDE3, but when they switched to KDE4, I found it a terrible experience. True, KDE4 was still quite new back then and things have improved, but I've tried it again more recently, and I'm still less than impressed. The Kubuntu team seem to have made no effort at all to customise KDE4 in the way they did for KDE3; they've basically just slapped a default KDE build onto an Ubuntu base and called it Kubuntu. Not good enough. I found recent Suse versions to be similar as well.

But the one distro I have really enjoyed using KDE4 with has been Mandriva. It seems like they've made a real effort to work with the software, understand where its strengths and weaknesses are, and build a distro that actually makes KDE4 into a useable desktop, rather than an unstable special effects showcase, which is what everyone else seems to want to do with it.

I've been using Mandriva with KDE4 at work for the last six months (I'm a programmer), and it's been as good as or better than the older KDE3-based Kubuntu release it replaced in most respects.

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