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KDE Since the stream of news is still pretty much dry, I figured I'd throw in something I've been meaning to talk about for a while now, but really didn't dare to: KDE4's performance. Since experiences with KDE4 seem to widely differ between people, it might be a good idea if we, together, can find a common cause among those of us having problems.
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Small assessment
by inaneframe on Sun 27th Dec 2009 21:28 UTC
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I bemoan the lack of themes and I still have a bunch of GTK apps that I love to use, I still use and LOVE GNOME, but I must say that as far as themes go, qtcurve is fast becoming my favorite, it does everything that I think clearlooks set out to do years ago but better.

As far as stability and usability, I barely use ANY Plasma apps and I'm rather simple when it comes to requirements for a desktop, but KDE 4.4 BETA2 is par excellence.

4.2 was the first truly usable version, 4.3 got a lot better but I still noticed slight annoyances that drove me away but I think that 4.4 has the right mix, hard to define fully what it is but it's quick, responsive and pleasurable to the eyes. I've had a couple plasma crashes (which I'm sure are being worked on) and Chrome doesn't work quite that well yet but I see that they are REALLY getting somewhere.

I think that GNOME devs have a lot to look over with KDE4 when they get going with GNOME 3. There are a lot of lessons to learn so maybe GNOME was right all along in waiting and letting KDE take the brunt and lead car position in innovation LOL!

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