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Internet & Networking "I used to think the best place to design a website was in an image editor. I'd create a pixel-perfect PSD filled with generic content, send it off to the client, go through several rounds of revisions, and eventually create the markup. Does this process sound familiar? You're not alone. In a very scientific and official survey I conducted, close to 90% of respondents said they design in Photoshop before the browser. Recently, thanks in large part to the influence of design hero Dan Cederholm, I've come to the conclusion that a website's design should begin where it's going to live: in the browser."
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RE: A little too black and white
by jessta on Mon 28th Dec 2009 14:36 UTC in reply to "A little too black and white"
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Whilst this process may work for the more coding minded in the web design industry, it will not work for everyone.

It's good to note that webdesign isn't graphic design, it's interface design.
Designing an interactive interface is massively different to designing static graphics for a page.
Being a 'web designer' and not being coding minded is a really bad thing and will result in something that looks pretty but is horrible to use.(oh so many websites!)

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