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Apple Since the news is still somewhat slow today due to the holiday season, let's talk about something I initially didn't want to talk about at all: it was widely reported today that AT&T stopped online sales of the iPhone in New York City. AT&T gave a number of different reasons as to why, before resuming online sales later during the day. Storm, meet teacup.
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RE: The simple answer??
by FurryOne on Tue 29th Dec 2009 04:32 UTC in reply to "The simple answer"
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It seems like AT&T is really not getting it... Upgrade your network to handle the extra traffic.

Ok you didn't expect so much demand, well you will just need to push faster or you will loose it.

If you take too long next contract cycle Apple will drop you...

Guess what AT&T you need to get your butt in gear and upgrade.

I find myself in a weird position - defending AT&T, but look at it this way:

1. I was a long-time customer of Verizon. I got just as many, if not more dropped calls with them as with AT&T where I am. And 3G is fine here in this part of Rural NY State.

2. Try reading Telephony Online. You'll see that AT&T has spent many millions on upgrades. They can't upgrade every place at the same time.

3. Unless Apple changes it's chipset, which is locked to GSM, you won't see the iPhone on Verizon at least until LTE becomes the "standard".

I looked at the Droid it is decent.

4. OK, you have my permission to go buy it.

It doesn't take an MBA (although I am nearly one) to tell you that.

5. You are obviously wasting your time with further schooling - go directly to AT&T and apply for the CEO position. No, wait - go to Verizon, so you can bankrupt them by overcommitting their budget to upgrades and expansion, driving down their bottom line, and alienating their investors.

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