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Google Like I said in the below item, it's a slow news day. This was further evidenced today by a story about the Google Chrome OS Netbook specifications, which, according to IBTimes, were leaked - to them, obviously. Together with the iPhone/NYC thing, this story gripped the internet and blogosphere today.
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RE: Looks reasonable
by gustl on Tue 29th Dec 2009 11:02 UTC in reply to "Looks reasonable"
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Specs sounds reasonable to me. ARM+Tegra - good compromise between battery life and performance. Not everyone knows, what Tegra is, so ARM should be mentioned. And, see, no Windows can be installed! 64G is not too much, all netbooks with smaller storage are really useless. Google Gears use a lot of storage space, check youself.

Well, the ARM/Tegra part can be true (actually, that is a no-brainer), but 64 GB solid state disk is way overdone for a netbook which does not need any programs locally intalled, except a lean web browser. I would expect more like 2 - 4 GB SSD, as those are dirt-cheap, which is pretty much all that this thing is aimed at. If you want to get those devices for sub-200 US$ into the stores, your pure production costs can not exceed 100 US$ by much. A 10 inch display will already eat 30 US$, and 1 GB RAM costs 25 US$. That leaves you 45 US$ for main board, housing, processor, and SSD, which in my book cannot mean a "larger than 4 GB" SSD.

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