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Hardware, Embedded Systems Earlier this month, Psystar suspended all sales of its hardware products, honouring the court's decision which favoured Apple. This week, Psystar has also temporarily halted sales of Rebel EFI while the former clone maker confirms the tool's legality with the court. Psystar also announced it will continue hardware sales in the coming days - with Linux rather than Mac OS X.
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RE[2]: Lets count days...
by JMcCarthy on Wed 30th Dec 2009 00:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Lets count days..."
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Yeah, I don't understand these people myself. Everybody must abide by proprietary licenses and it's no big deal, but they got all offended when they have to abide by the GPL.

They moan about a supposed sense of entitlement, yet they feel entitled to take code that wasn't created by them and do the only thing they're forbidden to do; close it.

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