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Google "Google's much-anticipated new phone, the HTC-designed Nexus One, could make its debut next week. Google has scheduled a press event for Tuesday, January 5 at its Mountain View, California, headquarters. Though the company hasn't mentioned Nexus One, the invitation mentions Android, Google's mobile operating system for phones, and the company is widely expected to show the device that has had smartphone industry watchers buzzing for weeks."
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Looking forward if true
by OSGuy on Wed 30th Dec 2009 11:01 UTC
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I have a Hero and I love it so I am looking forward to this new gadget. I won't get it any time soon as I have only had the Hero for about a month but I surely look forward to anything that's running Android. I think unless Nokia comes out with something revolutionary, will have no choice but embrace Android too. At the moment, their UI is so "yesterday", pretty much like MS' Windows Mobile.

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