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Hardware, Embedded Systems Earlier this month, Psystar suspended all sales of its hardware products, honouring the court's decision which favoured Apple. This week, Psystar has also temporarily halted sales of Rebel EFI while the former clone maker confirms the tool's legality with the court. Psystar also announced it will continue hardware sales in the coming days - with Linux rather than Mac OS X.
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RE: Microsoft attacking the GPL?
by systyrant on Wed 30th Dec 2009 20:56 UTC in reply to "Microsoft attacking the GPL?"
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Linux has not committed suicide. Windows 7 is a nice OS, but it's not a Linux killer. It's just new and shiny at the moment.

I personally use Linux on the desktop, OpenOffice as my office app, and firefox as my main browser.

Lastly, if Linux and Apple hadn't gained market share do you think Windows 7 would exist as a good OS? If it had not been for Firefox do you think IE would be past version 6 yet or that it would adhere to any common web standards? As for OpenOffice I know of at least a few companies who used it to get really good deals on MS Office.

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