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Hardware, Embedded Systems What laptop does Richard Stallman use? A Dell, HP, maybe even an Apple? No - RMS uses a rather odd laptop, a netbook powered by the Chinese Loongson processor: the Yeeloong, a completely Free laptop. From BIOS to operating system, this machine is completely open source. Wired is running a very interesting article on the Loongson processor effort.
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RE: MIPS license?
by rbenchley on Wed 30th Dec 2009 22:11 UTC in reply to "MIPS license?"
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I recall reading somewhere (perhaps Wikipedia, so take this for what you will) that the Longsoon is not 100% MIPS compatible, in part because they don't have a license to use the MIPS architecture. Either that, or that was why it was a China-only clone. In any case, it'll be an especially impressive effort if it succeeds. I just hope the patent considerations around a MIPS-compatible device are taken care of, or it'll be a much longer road before anyone sees massive sales.

They purchased licenses from MIPS, so there shouldn't be any patent issues.

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