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Hardware, Embedded Systems Earlier this month, Psystar suspended all sales of its hardware products, honouring the court's decision which favoured Apple. This week, Psystar has also temporarily halted sales of Rebel EFI while the former clone maker confirms the tool's legality with the court. Psystar also announced it will continue hardware sales in the coming days - with Linux rather than Mac OS X.
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What I believe hurts Linux the most is lack of applications people want to use. While the pool grows it's still fairly small. It's also nice to see some of the open source alternatives becoming more mainstream.

One of the things I've always thought would be important to Linux's growth on the desktop is getting those good applications to work across platforms. In that area I'm seeing progress.

I think what's happened with Linux is people had far to many expectations of it overtaking Microsoft. The truth is that what Linux has accomplished is waking up the 800-pound gorilla. Now the fight is on. I'm not gonna say Linux is winning or in the end it will dominate. I think as time goes on though we will see Linux on more and more desktops.

As for Vista. Linux didn't fail to take advantage of Microsoft's gaff. Linux distro's failed to take advantage of the gaff. So that we are in agreement with.

And my final thought. I've installed Linux on several computers for people who just wanted to surf the web and check e-mail. These were older people and for some this was the first time they ever used a computer. Other than one person they are all still happily using Linux (Ubuntu). One of them has even starting playing around with Linux on another computer and learning about it.

While it's only my opinion I think the Linux user base is growing, but it hasn't reached the tipping point. I don't see that happening for awhile though.

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