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Microsoft BetaNews writes: "Microsoft executives and product managers -- Chairman Bill Gates, above all of them -- showed great technology vision for the new millennium. The company was right about so many trends to come but, sadly, executed poorly in bringing too many of them to market. Microsoft's stiffness, perhaps a sign of its aging leadership, consistently proved its foible. Then there is arcane organizational structure, which has swelled with needless middle managers, and the system of group competition".
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RE: not failures, but ...
by thecwin on Thu 31st Dec 2009 20:44 UTC in reply to "not failures, but ..."
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I think the ideal would be where OSes only had small market share each. It'd certainly be safer. Unfortunately, computers aren't the same as soft drinks, at least not when Windows is involved.

Me and you could be having coke and pepsi respectively, but be drinking them in the same kind of glasses, using the same kind of ice cubes and storing the cans in the same fridge. They are directly compatible.

On the other hand, people using Windows means I, using Linux, am unable to read documents they can produce and they are unable to read documents that I can produce. It also means I can't run video games because they're not compatible with my OS. It's in my interest to try and push up the Linux market share because it might force producers to pay some attention to it. Of course we could just ensure we all use the cross platform subset of available software, but since most people wouldn't even know what 'cross-platform' means, that's pretty much out.

It'd be better if OSes were API-compatible and people could use the environment they prefer and still run the applications they like. .NET and Java potentially allow this but it never seems to take off. POSIX compatibility between various *NIX OSes and OS X is often pretty good though, even if POSIX is rather old fashioned. Web apps are also good in this respect if people stopped using IE ;)

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