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Hardware, Embedded Systems What laptop does Richard Stallman use? A Dell, HP, maybe even an Apple? No - RMS uses a rather odd laptop, a netbook powered by the Chinese Loongson processor: the Yeeloong, a completely Free laptop. From BIOS to operating system, this machine is completely open source. Wired is running a very interesting article on the Loongson processor effort.
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RE[2]: Walking the Walk
by h3rman on Thu 31st Dec 2009 21:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Walking the Walk"
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RMS walks the walk? Oh, please! The things this man says and does appear to me totally ridiculous.

As a demonstration of personal integrity this is surreal: to punish "unethical" closed software BIOS, RMS sides with a chip pushed and financed by a notoriously authoritary and punitive regime, which not only has no qualms about shutting down freedom of expression, but locks its citizens in jail or shoots them dead in large numbers if they dare defy those gags.

Saviour of the world, indeed.

The US massacres people too, although I admit (unlike China) it kills mostly foreigners in its wars of aggression. In that respect, it's better not to use any computers. Unless, say, Luxemburg will be developing its own architecture in this decade.
I agree with you though, China is the wrong place to live if you dislike going along with the crowd all day.

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