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Microsoft BetaNews writes: "Microsoft executives and product managers -- Chairman Bill Gates, above all of them -- showed great technology vision for the new millennium. The company was right about so many trends to come but, sadly, executed poorly in bringing too many of them to market. Microsoft's stiffness, perhaps a sign of its aging leadership, consistently proved its foible. Then there is arcane organizational structure, which has swelled with needless middle managers, and the system of group competition".
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by fossil on Fri 1st Jan 2010 15:30 UTC in reply to "RE: Good ideas, bad implementations"
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What many have found most objectionable is that the "Ribbon" has been crammed down their throats, "You will do things the One Microsoft Way!" Had there been an option to use menus, there would have been 99% LESS bitching. Of course Microsoft has such a locked-in monopoly, they simply don't have to care. There's been a lot of lost productivity in my office due to ... the "Ribbon" ... long time users hate it. I've been lucky enough to escape it thus far. I find it interesting that you consider the blog of a Ribbon developer hosted on a Microsoft site an objective source of data on the efficacy of the "Ribbon." Can you cite any neutral sources?

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