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BeOS & Derivatives As I drag myself from cup of coffee to cup of coffee, led by the soothing sounds of The Eagles, still recovering from last night (happy new year everyone!), it hit me that there is this thing I normally do, this website. Anyway, we've got some good Haiku news on this first day of 2010.
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Qt On Haiku
by OSGuy on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 08:30 UTC
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To people that have tried this, does this work properly? For example:

- Open/Save dialog boxes, which dialog is open, QT or Haiku?

- You have two file managers open, you rename a file in one, say in the QT one. Will the changes take effect in the other explorer too, the Haiku one? It should send some type of message to the OS that will tell that a file has been renamed so the framework can process the message and reflect the changes in Haiku?

- If you copy content such as an image or text from a QT app, is the content available in Haiku?

This type of integration in my opinion is important as it makes things look more solid.

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