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BeOS & Derivatives As I drag myself from cup of coffee to cup of coffee, led by the soothing sounds of The Eagles, still recovering from last night (happy new year everyone!), it hit me that there is this thing I normally do, this website. Anyway, we've got some good Haiku news on this first day of 2010.
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RE: Mature?
by cerbie on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 11:49 UTC in reply to "Mature?"
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Most of those things rely on good support for an underlying unixy system, and then much of KDE on top of that. Qt is just one piece. You will first see better native ports of apps that are not DE-dependent, like VLC 1.x.

Native ports will still take some work, just that it will take far less work per port than with a custom framework/toolkit/whatever, and they won't suck from not being fully native. Most of the GUI will actually be native, and will be made so automatically. Among other things, this allows the platform (Haiku) to keep resource use under control, without the app helping or hurting much, and allows the platform to dictate a great deal of the look and feel, including things like handling focus, without the programmer having to mess with the UI code much to have it all work.

Qt4 has no marketing machine, but if it did, it would hard to over-hype it.

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