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Amiga & AROS People, this is an interesting thing to follow first-hand. Hyperion, the company behind AmigaOS4, has been talking about its "Most Ambitious Project" for a while now, but on December 31, they started teasing the Amiga community like crazy. They opened a site called, which is most likely about the MAP.
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RE[3]: BSD hosted OS
by ciplogic on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 17:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: BSD hosted OS"
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Yes, BSD in which way? As userland? Or as kernel locking and memory allocation policy? If you write a program that runs on BSD, this program will not work on OS X because the binaries are different format (ELF against FatELF). The work only as API. So writing a program that will compile on FreeBSD (or any Posix BSD), will work unmodified on OS X. The calls are translated in OS X XNU kernel semantics that may be different.
When you link to cygwin DLL, and you make your programs on Windows, calling pipe function will end by calling a CreatePipe Win32 API function. The Cygwin is the best equivalent that I know that explains fairly well this.

Also, if you will look on BeOS (given in the previous post), BeOS was not an UNIX operating system, but exposed a lot of Unix functionality. (in fact BeOS do not use the concept of runlevel, but it have more servers - or kits - that run to expose functionality that run their OS).

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