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Windows "Last November, Russinovich triumphantly introduced developers at the company's annual PDC conference in Los Angeles to a multitude of measures implemented in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 not only to improve reliability and harden security, but to overcome the deficiencies he openly admits characterized the brief era of Windows Vista. Collectively, just the introductions to these new features by Russinovich and his partners consumed 11 hours over the first two days, all of that time with a standing-room-only crowd."
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RE: This is indicative...
by gustl on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 20:23 UTC in reply to "This is indicative..."
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Sorry, but the IE team is perfectly well doing what they are told to do by Microsoft upper management.

Full support for the upcoming HTML 5 features and/or ACID 3 tested features is not done on purpose. They want to push Silverlight down the internet's pipes, their latest attempt at getting control of internet protocols.
As always, with failing market share they will fail, but first (as always) they have to find out about that the hard way.

I hope, lots of web programmers just request the users to install the google chrome plugin for IE and be done with IE compatibility.

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