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In the News NetApplications has released its latest browser market share figures, and these figures show that Chrome has overtaken Safari as the number three browser worldwide, behind Internet Explorer and Firefox. IE, by the way, continues to lose popularity rather fast.
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RE[2]: Momentary - the URL/Search bar
by jabbotts on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 22:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Momentary"
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Not to direct this at you specifically but it's the second mention of search through the Chrome URL field. Why is this so revolutionary for Chrome when IE has done it since at least v6 if not previous to that. Google Chrome searched through Google Search. Microsoft IE search through Microsoft Search. Is it somehow implemented differently?

This is a mostly honest question for the general audience. Is there something in the implementation I'm not seeing or am I really being tickled by the irony that the feature is revolutionary when Google does it but not so much when MS does it much earlier. I am probably missing something.

(I always did wonder why they first split out the search field when I'd been getting that effect from the URL field already.)

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