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Opera Software HTML5 Video is coming to Opera 10.5. Yesterday (or technically, last year--happy new year readers!) Opera released a new alpha build containing a preview of their HTML5 Video support. There's a number of details to note, not least that this is still an early alpha...
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RE[3]: Comment by cerbie
by lemur2 on Sun 3rd Jan 2010 07:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by cerbie"
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"Theora 1.1 (previously codenamed Thusnelda) achieves virtually the same performance as h264, but it is utterly free to use by anyone, anytime, for encoding, decoding or streaming, forever."

This, though, is still a bit of an issue, and will remain one. That statement is 100% false. Any modern nVidia card can even show that to be false under Linux+X with common software (AMD as well, in Windows). I'm not sure how that hurdle will be handled, in the future (GPGPU decoder programs?).

It is not false. It used to be the case that h264 was well ahead of Theora in performance, but recent advances in Theora have seen it catch up.

This is why I specifically mentioned Theora 1.1. H264 is well ahead of Theora 1.0 or earlier, but it is only marginally different in performance to Theora 1.1.

Check it out for yourself here:

Same bitrate, same filesize, imperceptible difference in quality.

As for video cards playing the videos ... there are several stages in video rendering. Decoding the data stream is merely the first step. It takes perhaps two or three seconds for a CPU to decode a minutes worth of video data, so the codec decoding function is NOT the determining factor in replay performance.

Even if a given video card does not have a hardware decoder for a particular codec, once the bitstream is decoded from the codec format by the CPU, the rest of the video rendering functions can still be handed over to the video card hardware.

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