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General Development Here's something you probably don't know, but really should - especially if you're a programmer, and especially especially if you're using Intel's compiler. It's a fact that's not widely known, but Intel's compiler deliberately and knowingly cripples performance for non-Intel (AMD/VIA) processors.
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Please do us all a favour and read the linked article. The article clearly states that Intel deliberately disables the fast code paths on non-GenuineIntel CPUs. So they disable SSE2, SSE3... although these CPUs are perfectly capable of it, and have the respecting flags. Also with respect to Intel only making a compiler for Intel processors:
from :

IntelĀ® Professional Edition Compilers include advanced optimization features, multithreading capabilities, and support for IntelĀ® processors and compatible processors. They also provide highly optimized performance libraries for creating multithreaded applications.

(my emphasis).

So yes Intel is claiming that the compiler is compatible with AMD and VIA processors. And that does not mean deliberately crippled.

It is compatible, the code generated runs on compatible processors. What they do not claim however is that the compiler will optimise for those processors.

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