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In the News NetApplications has released its latest browser market share figures, and these figures show that Chrome has overtaken Safari as the number three browser worldwide, behind Internet Explorer and Firefox. IE, by the way, continues to lose popularity rather fast.
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More tests
by kvarbanov on Mon 4th Jan 2010 14:58 UTC
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Even more tests at work - I just tried the latest beta of Chrome under OpenSuse 11.0, and I happily deleted it after few minutes of testing. I've downloaded the 16MB .rpm file, installed. I specifically told the app not to import anything, but it insisted on importing some stuff from Firefox, however, it said that it can't really do it while FF is running. No way I'm closing it, moreover, I told you not to import anything. Then, I'm presented with some Task Manager and the best thing - NERD stats - let's see ... The BAD FF is using 200MB, whereas Chrome only 20MB. Konq is at the bottom with its modest 5MB ?! I don't have Konq started or even used in the past few weeks. OK, Chrome uses less memory than the rival, cool, somehow convinced me. Started working with it, opened a few sites, watched few videos, the RAM usage grew dramatically - up to 800MB. That's not a big issue for a system with 6GB on board, but it's not lightweight, at least here. Then, I wanted to change this or that, the tab placement, I want clicking on the navigation bar to open a new tab - I can't. I wanted to get rid of the speed dial, I can't. There are few Google pages inserted on my behalf - no, thanks. I can't get rid of them either, or at least not in the common way - I don't have a whole day learning new shortcuts - I don't want to change my habits. The options are narrowed, the themes are ugly. I don't have the extensions that I use daily available - that's fine, maybe they will develop them. The UI itself is really ugly, no matter what modifications I will apply - either the default GTK theme or the other, I forgot the name. The tabs with the rounded edges reminds of Eclipse, and that's not exactly my favorite place, while the other UI parts reminds of .. Opera. The buttons' placement is like in IE. I also noticed that some of the command line switches don't work. When opening a page, let's say some news page with a lot of content, it displays the images and the text, immediately, while downloading the heavy stuff in the background - clicking the X button, provided you can find it, doesn't stop the loading process. Thus it creates an impression of loading pages quickly. Haven't noticed built-in spell-checker, but I may have missed that. Doesn't remember passwords and input information properly, or at least the way I like it. So, what's really new then ?
Last but not least - I wasn't able to terminate it ! Click the X - no, Alt+F4, no, Ctrl+W || Q- no. So I had to go via ps -ef | grep -i google, etc ....
Bottom line - still beta, nothing impressive, at least for me. Not faster than FF or Opera, looks bad. Modest, but honest opinion from a freethinker.

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