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OS/2 and eComStation For some months now, independent developers have been working on a Qt4 port for eComStation, and it's almost ready. Some Qt4 applications have been ported to eCS, as well. This project is funded by donations from the eCS-OS2 community and currently they have 82% of the needed sum.
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RE: Qt is the future
by panzi on Mon 4th Jan 2010 19:28 UTC in reply to "Qt is the future"
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While I like Qt I highly disagree with that statement. Qt is a library/framework, Java is a bytecode compiled JITed language. Totally different things! After all there are Java Bindings for Qt, so how could Qt be a replacement for Java? Also Javas main field of application is servers (J2EE). To use a lowlevel language like C/C++ there would just be insane. Also thats not the target of Qt.

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