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In the News NetApplications has released its latest browser market share figures, and these figures show that Chrome has overtaken Safari as the number three browser worldwide, behind Internet Explorer and Firefox. IE, by the way, continues to lose popularity rather fast.
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I've been using Chromium and Google Chrome to access Zimbra Network Edition 5.0.x since ... October-ish? Around there. For the first month-ish, I had to keep swtiching between Chrom[e|ium] and FF for some things. However, by November, I was using Google Chrome full-time for Zimbra access. It's just so much faster compared to FF. Especially on Linux.

My only beef with Chrom[e|ium] is that clicking on a PDF or .doc or whatnot causes the file to be downloaded and saved, and then opened in the associated app. Which clutters up the downloads directory, as nothing is ever deleted.

Konqueror, Firefox, etc all save the file with a random name to a temp folder, and the file is deleted when the app closes. Which is great for things like PDFs that just get read, maybe printed.

Now, I have to go through my downloads directory once a week to clean out all the crap. ;)

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