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Podcasts The problem with the future is that by the time you get there, everything is pretty normal. Now that we've arrived in 2010 (something I could hardly imagine 10 years ago), we're now met with the annual tradition of predicting what will happen this year. Now that Kroc, Thom and Tess have recovered enough from the new year we discuss KDE 4, desktop OSes vs. the web and the issues of privacy and government involvement in the Internet--that is, when we managed to stay on topic. More coffee!
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Why is there no iPhone Flash
by fury on Mon 4th Jan 2010 22:58 UTC
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The reason Apple doesn't allow Flash on the iPhone has nothing to do with performance. Adobe would pour a huge amount of development to make it perform well. The problem is because Flash is really a bytecode language. Any SWF file can contain Actionscript code, which is recompiled into native code and executed when you view it.

Flash without Actionscript is useless, there would be no buttons or anything. About the only thing they could do is Flash video, which is actually already available on jailbroken iPhones as a Safari plugin. But of course, since custom players aren't supported, this only works on fairly standard FLV streams.

Also, 3D Web Standards
There are a number of 3D standards in the works, notably WebGL is an OpenGL layer for Javascript, and a higher level graphics engine API by Google. Flash 10 has 3D but it is rarely used, because presumably it sucks. Most decent 3D games use the Unity framework which is powered by .NET or a custom native code plugin like QuakeLive's client.

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