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Amiga & AROS People, this is an interesting thing to follow first-hand. Hyperion, the company behind AmigaOS4, has been talking about its "Most Ambitious Project" for a while now, but on December 31, they started teasing the Amiga community like crazy. They opened a site called, which is most likely about the MAP.
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RE[4]: Comment by Hondo
by Fab1 on Tue 5th Jan 2010 04:20 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Hondo"
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I'm disappointed to read that from you...

- clinging on outdated concepts and middlewares from the ancient ages, like MUI or the likes. Those things were cutting edge back in 1994. Nowadays everything else (Qt, gtk, you name it) is light-years ahead, but the amiga community suffers from such an acute "not invented here" syndrom that it's downright scary.

Seems you were assimilated.

You choose really poor examples... GTK has one of the most retarded API ever, and it's a shame it's actually that used. MUI is way more advanced than GTK (as well as many other toolkits). QT is at least better than Gtk, but its strong C++ dependancy makes it inappropriate sometimes too (but it's not breaindead, at least) .

But I guess you just forgot all the nice concepts from AmigaOS, that were extended in AmigaOS, MorphOS or AROS.

Many things in the original AmigaOS API are problematic for its evolution if compatibility has to be kept (peeking/poking some shared system structures, for instance), but on the other hand, this API was far from being braindead at all. Think about taglists, for example... How comes it hasn't been used anywhere else? Instead you find stupid stuff like in gtk with a function for every single action, like gtk_create_button_with_red_colour_and_black_outline_and_do_that_when_p ressing_it_and_dont_forget_to_buy_bread_thank_you() instead (pun intended).

Anyway, have fun with boring OS if you want. ;)

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