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OS/2 and eComStation For some months now, independent developers have been working on a Qt4 port for eComStation, and it's almost ready. Some Qt4 applications have been ported to eCS, as well. This project is funded by donations from the eCS-OS2 community and currently they have 82% of the needed sum.
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RE[2]: Qt is the future
by zio_tom78 on Tue 5th Jan 2010 13:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Qt is the future"
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Seeing Qt4 being ported to so many platforms (eComStation, Haiku...) is really nice! I have always had a special interest for the Free Pascal Compiler and for Lazarus, but ultimately I decided to switch to Qt4/C++ programming for doing serious work. The biggest problems I see with FPC/Lazarus are:

(1) the documentation for the many FPC/Lazarus libraries is nothing like the one provided by Qt. Sure, there is a lot of documentation around, but either it is lacking, or it is really sparse. (I have spent a lot of time trying to find a good example for the Sqlite3 unit some time ago!) Qt provides everything in one easy-to-access place (QtAssistant).

(2) I am not able to find a decent editor which allows me to write well-indented Pascal code like I can with C/C++ (I prefer to use terminal editors like Jed or VIM instead of GUIs like Lazarus, but their Pascal mode is not as good as their C/C++ mode). And the last time I checked it, the FPC text-mode IDE was not really usable under Debian/Ubuntu nor under Mac OS X (two of the systems I usually use at work).

(3) The last versions do not provide support for OpenBSD. Maybe switching to the LLVM architecture (I have heard they are investigating this) could help porting FPC to more architectures.

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