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Legal "Responding to Apple's vehement countersuit against Nokia, in which it leveled 13 patent infringement allegations against Nokia's 10, last December 29, Nokia added 14 more to the mix, including for concepts that may perhaps be as integral to the construction of modern telephones as power-conserving voltage-controlled oscillators, and a sensor that de-activates touchscreens while the phone is held against the ear."
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Patent law needs reform ...
by GenBlood on Tue 5th Jan 2010 13:35 UTC
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Patent laws need more details and should
be resolved in a timely manner. When I mean
a timely manner, I mean 60 days or less.

An if a company doesn't resolve their patent
issues within the 60 days. Both parties shouldn't
be able to sell that product until the issue
is resolved. If they still don't comply ALL
products that company makes or sells should
be banned and all company assets frozen till
the issues are resolved.

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