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Amiga & AROS After days of wild speculation and ridiculously fast-growing threads on, we finally know most of what we need to know about the new Amiga. This is not just a random PowerPC evaluation board that you can stuff in a generic case - no, this is an all-new system with a custom motherboard, and some very, very interesting innovations - like a fully customisable co-processor. Twenty-five years after the introduction of the first Amiga, this is one heck of a machine.
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There are two things that are yet unknown about this platform that need to be addressed before any of us can really make a sensible choice in deciding if it is a good product or not:

1) How does the XMOS chip connect to the memory and I/O?

If it does not have sufficient supporting circuitry to give it fast and near-instantaneous access to the memory and I/O buses as well as interrupts and DMA channels then it will be of little use.

2) Are there XMOS development tools available for AmigaOS 4?

My gut feeling here indicates that the answer here might be "no".

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