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Internet Explorer It would appear that Microsoft will finally take standards compliance in the browser world seriously, after dragging its feet for years. Back in November 2009, the Redmond giant already revealed that Internet Explorer 9 would come with CSS3 and HTML5 support, and now the cup runneth over, as Microsoft has requested to join the W3C's SVG Working Group.
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RE[3]: Comment by Kroc
by nt_jerkface on Wed 6th Jan 2010 21:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Kroc"
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IE8 is very good, but it still lacks decent JS, lacks Canvas, lacks HTML5 Video/Audio, lacks client-side databases, lacks web workers and lacks SVG (a 9 year old standard).

You want to complain about SVG, that's fine. I doubt there would be an SVG revolution even if it was widely supported but that at least is a fair complaint.

IE8 has decent JS, Google docs works in it just fine. Yes it loses to other browsers in JS benchmarks but that doesn't mean that AJAX developers are held back by IE. Those benchmarks are mostly used by Google for bragging rights. Real-world differences are minimal. Your browser is more likely to choke on a small Flash ad than a website filled with JS.

As for HTML5 the default video codec still hasn't been decided. People are arguing over the what the standard should be and yet you are bashing IE for not supporting it. Web workers are a draft proposal as well.

I've worked with IE8 on a very AJAX heavy website and it was an absolute pleasure compared to previous versions. I also preferred working with it to FF OSX which annoyingly cannot be counted on to render websites identically to FF Windows.

Oh and I browse with Google Chrome 90% of the time.

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