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Microsoft Microsoft has revealed Office 2010 pricing for Home and Student, Home and Business, Professional, and Professional Academic editions. Office will come in both boxed versions and "key card" versions that have no media.
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That is pretty hefty pricing per seat compared with the cost of a very comparable product in, and even compared with the price of a humble netbook or smartbook machine upon which one could easily run and have it fully pre-installed for you at purchase.

In fact it would appear as if one can buy an ultraportable machine (both hardware and software) with already pre-installed, ready to go and fully and perpetually licensed for almost exactly the same price ($349) as a single copy of Office 2010 software only.

There is a reason why people use Microsoft Office - and it has nothing to do with an 'addiction' to Microsoft products. I use Office 2008 on my Mac because I need the bibliographic functions which iWork and fail to provide - and I've seen the half assed, half baked crap version (bibliographical facility) on and quite frankly I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy.

There are reasons for using Microsoft Office, and quite honestly if I was running Windows I'd be running Office just as I am very happy with running Microsoft Office 2008 on my Mac. It has been almost 9 months since 3.1 was released and yet when I look at 3.2 - it is still the same train wreck of an office suite with the developers doing very little to improve the user experience.

If those developers had half a brain they would all invest in a copy of Microsoft Office and scan every part of the UI, every part of the Office suite and ask themselves "why is it so popular" - and not resort to screaming "file format lock in" as an excuse. What features does it have that people like? why do people like the GUI? what are the underlying principles that can be transposed from Office to - how many developers actually ask those questions? from the view of the 9months, they don't ever seem to ask those questions.

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