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Microsoft Late last year, news got out that an infamous Chinese pirate has moved beyond pirating Windows, moving on to creating an Ubuntu distribution that is almost a pixel-perfect copy of Windows XP, called Ylmf OS. Ars Technica contacted Microsoft about possible legal actions, but it seems Microsoft isn't really bothered by all this.
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Why is this such a big deal?
by eco2geek on Thu 7th Jan 2010 07:26 UTC
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If you download it, switch the locale to US English, and check it out, you'll discover it's an Ubuntu live CD remaster with a few icons stolen from MS Office 2003 to represent apps and some Internet applications that are different than the Ubuntu norm. It has a WinXP skin which you can download and install on your own copy of GNOME from here: (that's probably where they got their artwork from, too, from the looks of it).

It hardly qualifies as a "distro." So why is this getting so much free advertising?

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