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Internet Explorer It would appear that Microsoft will finally take standards compliance in the browser world seriously, after dragging its feet for years. Back in November 2009, the Redmond giant already revealed that Internet Explorer 9 would come with CSS3 and HTML5 support, and now the cup runneth over, as Microsoft has requested to join the W3C's SVG Working Group.
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HTML5 is much more
by Nycran on Thu 7th Jan 2010 10:08 UTC
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HTML5 is *not* just about video. Did you know that the iPhone browser, Android V2+ browsers, and the Palm Pre browser all support the new client side database facilities of HTML5? Did you know that they also support the local caching API? When you put it together this means you can develop rather sophisticated applications that run *in* the browser, and yet do not require a fast or persistant Internet connection. This means that for data collection / forms based applications, developers can truly write once, deploy to multiple platforms, and do it all using common web dev tools. IMHO the potential here is huge.

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