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Microsoft Microsoft's CES keynote is behind us, and before the thing even started, it was rumoured that Microsoft would unveil a tablet PC together with HP. Well, they did, but to say it was underwhelming would be an understatement. Instant update: El Reg has a nice list of figures presented during the keynote.
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RE: Slate?
by Mark Williamson on Thu 7th Jan 2010 15:12 UTC in reply to "Slate?"
Mark Williamson
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My first reaction was that maybe MS has stolen a march on Apple in one way - pre-empting their name! I guess coincidence is more likely but it's amusing to imagine a quite name change to grab mindshare on the word "slate" before Apple release their tablet.

The sad thing with MS is, as Thom says, that in some areas they still seem to be sniping on trivial matters rather than really taking the lead on things.

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