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Hardware, Embedded Systems Quite a bit of enthusiasm seems to be building for ARM's upcoming processor for netbooks and other lightweight computing devices. The Cortex-A9 is promised to have substantially better performance than the current crop of AMD processors, and a video released by AMD ARM gives a pretty convincing picture that the Cortex-A9 will have comparable performance to the Atom. Watch the video after the jump.
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Impressive, but...
by dulac on Thu 7th Jan 2010 22:17 UTC
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Impressive for a less that half processing power but some questions do stand.

1 - What is the configuration of those machines?
Tough the configurations should be the same, as ARM would not use optimized ARM against non-optimized Intel code ;)
It should be reminded that also reduces the reference to the existing/absence of a graphic card (using VESA)

2 - what are the timings?
Yes they are similar. But the eye is not a good clue of what is happening when the starting point is missed.

Anyway... for a 500MHz CPU... it is impressive.
True, the result is less impressive.
But taking into account everything... It can be an interesting match.

These were in equal conditions ;)
But those will not be so equal on the final products.
It would then be more interesting!

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