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Microsoft Late last year, news got out that an infamous Chinese pirate has moved beyond pirating Windows, moving on to creating an Ubuntu distribution that is almost a pixel-perfect copy of Windows XP, called Ylmf OS. Ars Technica contacted Microsoft about possible legal actions, but it seems Microsoft isn't really bothered by all this.
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bornagainpenguin said...

Because the interest is there for a Windows clone that is Linux but apes Windows XP completely enough to fool non-technical people.

You're apparently right about that, but the theme of these stories about Ylmf OS have all been about Microsoft's reaction to it. "Will Microsoft sue?" is the main question. That's kind of a silly question to ask when you already know that Ylmf OS is an Ubuntu 9.10 remaster.

The stories haven't been about consumer demand for a free copy of Windows.

bornagainpenguin said...
So this is a complete bait and switch operation in effect here, when people were expecting a clone and getting a half-baked theme instead.

Not exactly. The picture on the company's home page is misleading, but if you read the text (use Google Translate), it says, "Based on Ubuntu 9.10" right up front.

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