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Multimedia, AV My favourite media centre software, Boxee, has just launched the highly-anticipated new beta version of its XBMC-based media centre, complete with a redesigned user interface. On top of that, Boxee launched its very first piece of hardware during CES, the Boxee Box, together with D-Link. It's an impressive little device.
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"The reason is simple - all the connectors on a laptop are spread across at least 3 of the 4 sides.

Another reason I listed the Acer Revo. NetTop form factor means you've got USB, video and power on the back, USB and a SD slot on the front, and that's it.

... and since it's an Atom with nVidia ION you can get accelerated flash under the new flash beta, so it can run Hulu fullscreen despite being slightly below the official specs, and it will run the new beta of boxee like a dream too. (at least, under windows... Linsux, not so much)

... and it's at the same price-point.

The only real drawback is the only analog audio connector is on the front, but there is live audio on the HDMI connector ... in windows. Front panel is dead in linsux - same problem as my HP laptop I suspect where the it's being treated as a software switched headphone jack, which rarely work right without dicking with the driver settings.

Thats a nice little device. Thanks for the link

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