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Windows As inevitable as the tides rolling in: every time a new Windows version is released, someone with too much time on his hands tries to install it on extremely outdated hardware. Sure, it won't be usable by any standard whatsoever, but it's still a fun thing to do. Of course, Windows 7 couldn't lag behind.
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RE: Why hardware... is outdated?
by echo.ranger on Sat 9th Jan 2010 19:50 UTC in reply to "Why hardware... is outdated?"
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Still have a Compaq laptop running at 133MHz and 64 MB. Still fast. It used W95 but now uses WME in a LitePC Install from
Still fast and usefull... but NEVER has touched the internet NOR had any new istalations besides the original intended (compilers and MAME-064)

Slightly OT, but how well does MAME work on that hardware?

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