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Windows As inevitable as the tides rolling in: every time a new Windows version is released, someone with too much time on his hands tries to install it on extremely outdated hardware. Sure, it won't be usable by any standard whatsoever, but it's still a fun thing to do. Of course, Windows 7 couldn't lag behind.
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RE[2]: Why hardware... is outdated?
by dulac on Sun 10th Jan 2010 01:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Why hardware... is outdated?"
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Object oriented programming, which is what I assumed you meant by object coding, had more to do with development speed and robustness than high performance code.

Right! OOP was criticized for being BIG and SLOW.

Not really. It can be just the opposite and that was one of the reasons to be designed as it was.

If you use OOP planned as different libraries to be used in different situations... (just like using one set of routines for a CPU and another to a different CPU)... then you have several libraries available but just use what you need at that moment. Very low RAM consumption... and code as efficient as you wrote it.

The organization is very Tree-like. But not used as much as it should. People do not take the problem into account because it is argued that the problem is the code, not organization. The user should get more memory and a faster CPU so the team does not ALSO has to deal with organization.

If such effort was made... we wouldn't have so many dependency problems... and code would be faster.
If such effort was made... the team would not have to deal later with a mess in inter-library connections.
But it would also eventually break at another point... it always does.

The point is: OOP can be faster and smaller. People just do not care after the code shows to work.
C. Moore (creator of the FORTH language) showed how-to in the philosophy of (and tips on using) FORTH. I still believe that it is the best programming language training available. But that is a personal view.

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