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Legal "Microsoft has filed a second appeal in their XML patent case, claiming the original ruling could be dangerous for future patent cases. Last month, the software giant lost to tiny Canadian company i4i, and removed all infringing custom XML editing abilities from its Office 2003 and 2007 suite. Microsoft also paid USD 290 million in damages."
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RE[6]: I wonder..
by zegenie on Sun 10th Jan 2010 17:33 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: I wonder.."
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I'm sorry for the blatant insult, but can you even read? Linking to that patent and describing it the way you did, is like posting a picture about a bear and then describe a unicorn(!)

All questions about patentability of software patents aside... The patent in question is fairly specific, and covers a specific function that the company invented, which is related to parsing and comparing differences between documents stored as XML.

And it's not like we have a patent troll here - they had a product which were sold to many customers - and they even offered Microsoft to license the functionality for a fee. However, Microsoft - rigorous defenders of software patents - choose to ignore the existing patent (which describes a specific function, albeit related to parsing XML - but absolutely not "storing files as XML" as you try to portray it) and instead just copy the functionality into their own product, effectively rendering the existing product worthless.

You may disagree with software patents, but Microsoft has chosen to play this game, in fact they want everybody to play this game, so they deserve every little bit of this. Stop spreading misinformation and lies - Microsoft is *not* the victim here.

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