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Legal "Microsoft has filed a second appeal in their XML patent case, claiming the original ruling could be dangerous for future patent cases. Last month, the software giant lost to tiny Canadian company i4i, and removed all infringing custom XML editing abilities from its Office 2003 and 2007 suite. Microsoft also paid USD 290 million in damages."
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RE[8]: I wonder..
by zegenie on Sun 10th Jan 2010 18:46 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: I wonder.."
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I'm not out to defend MS - I just want to understand what the hell i4i own because thus far nobody has stated anything specific (or am I missing the obvious?)

Just wanted to pop this in as well - which probably goes to show Microsofts behaviour in this case:

A few select quotes:
The Jan. 22, 2003, e-mail was written by Martin Sawicki, then a member of Microsoft's XML for Word development team. He was responding to another Microsoft employee who forwarded him an i4i e-mail that explained its products and mentioned the patent.

"We saw [i4i's products] some time ago and met its creators," Sawicki wrote, according to a memo (PDF) written by Davis. "Word 11 will make it obsolete. It looks great for XP though."

"In sum, the evidence shows that Microsoft knew of i4i's patent protection in 2001 and 2003, did no investigation, and never formed a good-faith belief of non-infringement," Davis wrote. "The evidence further shows that Microsoft started using the infringing products beginning in 2002 and did not conduct an infringement investigation after being notified of the patent again in 2003.

"Microsoft's arguments that somehow i4i's evidence is weak, insubstantial, or unsupported are baseless."

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