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Multimedia, AV I followed the hype: Reddit, Slashdot's front page, months of thumbs up on my blog and various video forums by Linux users for OpenShot. Given that I'm longing for a usable Linux video editor since 2003, and given that OpenShot version 1.0 had just been released, I naturally gave it a go, by also downloading its provided dependencies on my Ubuntu Linux 9.10.
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Too harsh a review IMO
by avih on Mon 11th Jan 2010 14:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Help needed there."
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I understand your experience was sub optimal (and that's an understatement), however, if you take a look at the videos posted on their web site ( ), you'll see that even at version 0.82 it was functional and quite workable. Sure, those videos represent some sort of optimal experience, but the point is that it basically works and actually quite responsive on those vids.

I can't comment on the actual [missing] functionality as video editing isn't really my thing. I agree with your annoyance of the sparse controls, but I think it's more of a general Gnome issue. FWIW, I don't like it either.

I think your core-issues are mostly related to integration/testing on various distributions, and I agree it should have been properly tested on the most popular ones. That being said though, the basic stuff is there and since (as far as I understand) they include their own ffmpeg code segments, it shouldn't depend upon a specific distro's pre-installed multimedia frameworks. So I think the integration should be easier than on other cases that rely on pre-installed stuff.

So what do I say? give 'em some slack. Obviously a lot of work went into the project and the integration issues should be solvable IMHO. Not everyone relates to a "1.0" release the same. It probably should have been called beta, but naming it incorrectly isn't a good enough reason for that amount of bashing IMO.

I'm completely unrelated to this project, although I do have an interest in video in general (a mod on doom9 forums) and in OSS development (previously associated with few video-related projects and now maintain a Firefox addon).

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