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Legal Last Friday, January 8, the University of Amsterdam (I'm with the competition) handed out an honorary doctorate to Harvard prof. Lawrence Lessig, known to you all (I may hope!) as one of the founding members of the wildly successful Creative Commons project. During the acceptance ceremony, he held one of his keynote presentations - and one that is required listening material for everyone. And with everyone - I mean everyone.
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About the license of the posts in the website.
by JOKe on Mon 11th Jan 2010 17:01 UTC
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Most of the posts in this website are just news. So basically they are link to the actual content post which already have some license. I think to have clear license for posts is important and using CC if you ask me for content like text, movies and pictures is the best but maybe it is important only for 10% of the posts in osnews. Only for posts like Review Litl Webbook ( the license is important.

So if you ask me maybe the license is response to the author of the actual post like David Adams for example. Maybe it will be good idea to add some radio buttons when submitting news/article and maybe to check CC by default.
If you want osnews to be "Open" it has to be Open for everyone even for those who don't like CC.

Maybe someone will use passages under some other license and maybe he must use "the other license" for the content.

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